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Flirting Tips for Women

The naive woman may believe that all they need to do to attract quality men is to wear sexy clothing and bat their eyelashes now and then, but the quality women knows that it is important to know some flirting tips for women to truly score the "A grade men"... the type that are handsome, successful, and entirely used to amateur attention from other women.

In this article, I'm going to share some flirting tips that will make you stand out to that potential special someone.

WAIT! Do It Like This, Not Like That...!

Flirting is not only fun, it is good for the heart, the soul, and the mind. It is usually the first thing that brings you closer to a man. But like most things in life, there is a right way and a completely wrong way to flirt with a man.

You have to remember this at all times, because it is the key to successful flirting with a man. I can give you flirting tips for women all day, but if you don't understand this basic underlying principle, it would all be in vain!

Men are highly attracted to a challenge. Because men are very smitten by an attractive women, many women have become used to simply absorbing a man's flattery and advances. Don't do this, because it makes you just another average girl for him -- i.e. not a challenge! So what do I recommend you do instead?

You have to get behind the wheel for a little bit, and blow the man's mind! Every time you pull him in a little bit with a slyly sexy comment, push him away again with a mixed message. Just when a conversation is getting really flirtatious and could go somewhere, surprise him by throwing out a heavy question that will test his intellectual ability and throw him off his game a little bit.

Unpredictability is exciting. Be unpredictable. Flirting should be a fluid thing, and not so rigid, so I an reluctant to give specific examples -- but just remember that you should keep him on his toes and keep him guessing! Don't let him figure you out!

Flirtatious Body Language

Let's get one thing straight. Body language is IMPORTANT when it comes to flirting. How important?

Well... just think about it. Before us human beings had language, we were able to meet each other, reproduce, and raise families... all through body language communication.

Women and men selected mates for a very long time without any spoken words at all! Body language is incredibly powerful for flirting when used properly.

What sort of body language should you be using to ooze appeal to a man? Well, body language is most effective when it is "natural" -- so rather than putting pressure on yourself to do certain things like most experts recommend (which will actually make you appear rigid and stiff), instead get in a certain MINDSET, so that the proper body langauge will come out naturally.

As a rule, men tend to be attracted to feminine traits and body language. So just picture yourself as a dainty, feminine, lady, and the proper body langauge will come out. Use the body language that you think an elegant princess would use, rather than his sunday night football buddies.

Make Him Feel Like a Man!

If you're sure that the man you're flirting with is someone you'd like to get to know a little better, here's the key to REALLY reeling him in with your flirting. While men love a challenge, they also need to "win" occasionally. Every now and then, give him a little taste of satisfaction by stroking his ego. Just don't go overboard and make it come too easily; it's a delicate balance that you'll get perfect with practice!

Intrinsical flirting tips for women are useful, but do you think it would help if I gave you more specific information?

I'd love to give you more specific tips for what men find attractive in women. But I also want to help you focus on truly understanding men on a DEEPER level, so I want to get off of this whole "looks" thing...

An attractive, successful, and available man that you are compatabile with only comes around every so often. When he comes around, will you be the kind of woman who only comes around once in a life time? To accomplish that, it will take a lot more than looks alone.

I can help you become that woman. Just sign up for my free e-letter below, and I'll walk you through it.

Paul Prince


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