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How to Make a Man Commit to You For the Long Term

How to make a man commit to you -- if there is one great "divide" between men and women, this is it.

You see, if you're like most women, then when you begin to spend quality time with a man, especially over a period of a few weeks (or even months...) you naturally begin to feel a sense of longing for a commitment, to make the relationship deeper and bring the two of you closer together.

However, a man does not automatically feel that craving for a commitment, even if he genuinely likes you and cares about you.

This difference in tendencies can cause you a great deal and stress and fear as a woman, because you realize that without a commitment, all of the vulnerability that you're feeling is leaving you exposed to a great deal of hurt should your feelings not be returned.

The irony of it all is that if only a woman understood what makes a man tick, she could have what she really wants from him -- a deep emotional connection and feeling of closeness as quickly and for as long as she wanted it.

You see, most women are taught all of the wrong things about men. You're led to believe that not all of us (yes, I am a man) want to share any emotional closeness with a woman, or that it's just "not the right time" in a man's life for him to be close with you.

These beliefs lead to a faulty approach when trying to figure out how to make a man commit to you.

Like I mentioned earlier, most women tend to naturally begin to grow a feeling of emotional closeness to a man that they are spending a lot of time with. However, time is absolutely a non factor when dealing with a man's emotions!

So what usually happens is that you, the woman, has been seeing a guy for however long, and begin to feel that it is the right "time" to move things to the next level. And in your mind, it is.

But on the opposite end of things, the man does not see any reason to commit. To him things are going absolutely fine, and to change them now would just be illogical.

You see, the difference between us is that men and women choose to commit for entirely different reasons. What's right for a woman is not necessarrily right for a man, and vice versa.

What usually ends up happening is that you will end up trying to "convince" your man to commit to you, which just doesn't work.

Despite our differences, a man or woman's choice to commit is based on emotional reasons, not logical ones. In other words, you cannot change your man's mind. You have to change his mood.

In fact, trying to argue with your man that it is the "right time" to commit will only drive him further away from you, as men absolutely hate to feel like you're trying to trap them!

By being too pushy with commitment, you will ultimately turn what could have been a blissful and happy commitment (had you only known the proper approach to take) into a tense burden on both of your lives.

Don't fall into that trap, please!

Instead, you must learn how to change the way a man views your role in his life. You must become that special woman in his life. You must change how he feels, not how he thinks. Us men are stubborn creatures... sorry!

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