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What Men Find Attractive in Women

What men find attractive in women... a lot of my readers ask me this question, and they usually want to know what men find PHYSICALLY attractive in women. I'm going to answer that question in this brief article, but I almost hesitate to write this at all.

Why? Because I think the whole "men only care about looks" thing is overblown. Men are certainly fascinated by a women's appearance (you ladies can be simply irresitable), but when it comes to a woman that a man has any sort of connection with... personality is VERY powerful.

But I digress. You're here to find out what men find attractive in women. Time to spill the beans!


First of all, I want to give this little disclaimer. The things I'm about to write don't apply to ALL men. Every man is different. However, this is not just some useless knowledge -- in regards to what men find attractive in women, most men are actually very similar. Want proof? Look at how the exact same women are usually revered as beautiful by 99% of men.

Some of the qualities that men find attractive in a woman's physique may be things that you have the power to change about yourself or improve upon; and others not. As beautiful, desirable, and sexy of a woman I'm sure you are, there are some things you just can't change about your appearance; my advice to you is to make sure you always focus on things you CAN change, rather than things you can't.

I want to get one important concept across. Of all the things that men tend to find attractive in women, there is a common ground that they all share. Things that are considered beautiful to a man are usually very feminine traits; things that make it obvious that there is a difference between us.

This was nature's way to making sure that we were able to distinguish between genders before society came around and made it obvious enough for everybody. That is why men are so interested in a woman's breasts for instance; it is one of the most obvious indicators that she is indeed a woman.

Category #1: Body

There is something extremely sexy about a woman's body. When a man is very young, he is not as interested in a woman's body as her face. As he gets older, he tends to become more and more attracted to a woman's shape. The biological reason for this is that men are looking for a woman with a "healthy" and feminine body shape that indicates that she is able to easily bear healthy children.

Scientific mumbo jumbo aside, specific body traits that men are attracted to on a woman are big hips, a slender waist, and a generous bust. Have you ever heard of what society's "perfect measurements" for a woman are? 36-24-36. That is bust-waist-hips. Those measurements, or anything close to them, provide a very sexy hourglass shape that a mature man finds very hard to resist. If you happen to have a great body and want to attract more men (or just do some good for society), you might consider wearing TASTEFUL clothing that accentuates your shape.

Category #2: Face

The body has such a powerful effect that a woman who is not very attractive in the face can often easily make up for it in the body. So what do men find attractive in a woman's face?

Let's start with the eyes. Big, round, eyes tend to be sexy on a woman, while squinty eyes tend to be sexier to women on a man. Thick eyelashes really help a woman attract men with her eyes. If you are at all lacking in the eye department, you might want to consider using makeup to bring out this feature, as it is an important one to men.

A face is like a painting; there are literally millions of combinations that "work." But another common theme in beautiful women is her cheekbones. I'm sure you've heard it before, but high, slender cheek bones are enough to turn most men's heads.

What men find attractive in women's faces is also the lips. The importance of the lips cannot be understated; luckily, almost every woman I've ever seen has gorgeous lips. Chances are that yours are gorgeous already. I'm just letting you know that lips are some of your most powerful weapon's when it comes to attracting a man! Make sure you keep them healthy and moisturized!

Category #3: It's the Small Things that Count...

So, what is there besides body and face? Healthy skin and healthy hair are obvious, but I want to end this article with a few "tricks" you can use to really drive the men crazy.

First of all, the back of your neck is your "secret weapon." Long hair is usually sexy, but wearing it up and exposing the neck ever so slightly can be even sexier to a man. If you are close with a man, make sure that the back of your neck smells wonderful.

Want more?

I'd love to give you more specific tips for what men find attractive in women. But I also want to help you focus on truly understanding men on a DEEPER level, so I want to get off of this whole "looks" thing...

An attractive, successful, and available man that you are compatabile with only comes around every so often. When he comes around, will you be the kind of woman who only comes around once in a life time? To accomplish that, it will take a lot more than looks alone.

I can help you become that woman. Just sign up for my free e-letter below, and I'll walk you through it.

Paul Prince


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