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Why Do Men Not Call When They Say They're Going to, When They Seem Interested, or After a Great Date?

What makes a man not call, especially when he seems to be interested in you?

This is a question that many of my readers ask me. Most of the time when a man does not call and you're confused by it, it is because you went out on a date and you thought it went rather well.

Whatever the case, it seems to be a common enough situation that a man seems interested enough in you to get your phone number and say that he'll call, but then he just doesn't. I'm going to "demystify" this phenomenon once and for all.

But first, I have a confession to make.

I am a man who, in my more "immature" years, did this sort of thing, for different reasons. I can offer you some rare first hand insight into what on earth is going through a man's mind when he doesn't call even though you expect him to.

Men have a lot of differences, but they also have a lot of similarities. There are a few different reasons why a man exhibits this behavior. Let's take a look at a few of them!

Enter Man #1: The Game Player

No one likes to have their emotions played with, but unfortunately that is exactly what this type of man tends to do. Unfortunately, he doesn't usually realize that he is hurting any feelings in the process.

To a man like this, getting a woman's phone number or having a successful date is an end, not a means. He grows his little black book to stroke his own ego. Ego stroking is an extremely addictive habit to men. Even subconsciously knowing that you have women out there waiting for you to call them is a very flattering situation.

Don't think that every man who doesn't call you back is toying with you, though, because that is not the case. Not by a long shot. Which brings me to a similar situation, guy #2...

Enter Man #2: The Underachiever

These men actually don't have a whole lot of confidence in their own abilities. On the surface they seem sure of themselves, but the reality is that they don't have a whole lot of experience being emotionally close to women.

What happens internally in these guys minds is that when something goes well, like a great date where you both had a lot of fun, they want to ride the high of the experience forever. Because they don't have this sort of experience very often, they are subconsciously scared to continue interactions with you because somewhere deep down, they fear that they will 'mess things up' further down the line.

Instead of taking a risk and developing a closer relationship with you, they'd rather play it safe and just remember that time you shared, however brief. It may sound unrealistic, but believe me; there are a lot of men out there that fall into this category. Again, it is usually inexperienced men that will not call you back for this reason.

Enter Man #3: The Screener

This type of man is a little less common, but he is out there. These men are usually the most succesful, handsome, and charming men who are in such high demand that they have an idea of exactly what type of women they want. These men are picky, but they don't want to hurt your feelings. If you don't fit into this perfect idea of what they're looking for, they will simply let you go and take your phone number as a formality.

And then there are other guys who are looking for a fling or an intimate encounter, and when they find out that you're not that type of girl, they write you off and keep looking.

Enter Man #4: The Unorganized Procrastinator

Some men are just so unorganized and so used to procrastinating, that they will lose your number or forget to call for such a long stretch of time, that they feel like so much time has passed that they can't call you now, and decide to just move on instead.

Although I hate to admit it... I've been in each and every one of these four positions before. And believe me, none of these situations are your fault, and they don't say anything negative about you as a woman.

However, it is entirely possible to put forth such a lasting impression on a man that he is helpless to avoid calling you.

A properly attracted man will overcome his game playing tendencies, his immaturity, his busy life, or his habits of procrastination to call you. The trick is that you have to learn to become "THAT" girl. That character in his life that he just can't resist.

If you'd like to learn how to properly attract men so that they feel that way about you, then I highly recommend this book:

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Just take a look at it, and see what you think.


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Paul Prince


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