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Why Men Leave a Relationship

Many women beat themselves up wondering why men leave a relationship. Let's face it; men can be very confusing to a woman, and vice versa.

First, I have a confession to make -- I am a man!

At the risk of being seen as a "traitor" to some of my fellow guys out there, I'm going to spill the beans about the REAL reasons that men will leave a relationship -- even a kind and loving one.

Why do I even have to do this?

It's because us men aren't exactly brought up to be stellar communicators. You women are leagues ahead of us in that regard, and it shows.

It shows whenever a man tries to explain anything with emotional depth.

But let's just go ahead and answer the question -- why do men leave a relationship?

First of all, I want to set the record straight. Yes, every man is different, and yes, every relationship is as unique as a snowflake.

So how can we even attempt to answer a question like "why do men leave?" Surely, the reasons that each man has for checking out of a relationship is different... right?

Well, yes, and no. Look, I've had so much life experience with stuff at this point, as well as feedback from my readers on this issue, and you know what I've found?

Men give different reasons for leaving a relationship. But most of these things have one common root issue at their core.

You see, it doesn't really matter what reasons a man tells you as to why he wants out of a relationship.

What REALLY matters is the true motive behind his feelings. The motive that he'll never be able to actually realize and confess to you, because us men just aren't in tune with our emotions.

Almost all break ups initiated by a man boil down to one thing: the male ego.

It's a beast that needs to be fed, and if a man stops feeling like a man in a relationship... his attentions will stray from you. And he will eventually leave the relationship, usually while giving a hodgepodge of confusing "reasons" for leaving.

Have you ever seen a wildly successful, attractive, and charming man... and wondered what it is about his woman that keeps him commited to her?

Well, it's actually more about how his woman makes him feel than it is about the tangible qualities in the woman.

Just like a man has to make you feel like a feminine, sexy, and special lady to truly capture your loyalty and your heart... you have to do the same to keep a man in a relationship.

So, can I help you to bring your man back or want a relationship again?

That's usually the question that comes next.

And... well... yes, I can.

Here's the deal. Trying to rush these things can lead to disaster. Right now, chances are that your man is consciously trying to distance himself from his feelings. Don't fight him on that right now.

If there's anything that's conducive to a healthy male ego (the key to getting him back), it's the hunt. May I say something?

I say this not because you're not a beautiful, sexy, desirable woman. Because you obviously are.

But if you truly want to increase your chances of your man returning to you... then you're going to have to do a few things to "reattract" him. You're going to have to remind him what it felt like in the beginning... so he'll "hunt" you down and do the chasing all over again.

I can help you become that woman that he saw in the beginning, and more. The key is to become a special treasure in his eye, so that you will stand out from all of the other women. Just sign up for my free e-letter below, and I'll walk you through it.


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